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                Charred Chili with Four Cheeses      *V

Roasted and skinned Anaheim chilies filled with four imported cheeses served with a fresh tomato and lime salsa    15.50

Tower of Fresh Crab

Fresh Dungeness crab meat layered between diced avocado, sweet tomatoes and toasted brioche    23.50

             Mizo Glazed Shrimp      *

Grilled jumbo shrimp with Asian slaw, flavored with rice wine vinegar, sesame oil and garlic     24.50

                Pear and Goat Cheese Salad       *V

Organic field greens, slivered Oregon pears, goat cheese, candied pecans with a light balsamic vinaigrette     15.50

                     Shaved Brussel Sprout Salad          *V

shaved brussel sprouts, silvered radishes, Percorino Romano cheese, toasted pumpkin seeds,

and Chef Jorge’ silvered dates with a Dijon     15.50

                 Casa Salad             *V

Butter soft red & green leaf lettuces with an imported Gorgonzola vinaigrette and toasted walnuts    12.50

  Caesar Salad

         Crisp Romaine lettuce tossed in a classic Caesar dressing with shaved Parmesan Reggiano, croutons and Anchovies    14.50

      Spicy Corn Chowder

     Topped with fiery salsa, crackled bacon & chives   11.00

        Soup du Jour    11.00




Cannelloni della Casa

Homemade tubes of pasta filled imported cheeses, spinach and sausage in an tomato-tinted cream sauce    29.50

Spaghetti al’ Amatriciana

An authentic Roman preparation comprised of homemade pasta, Pancetta, onions, tomato, garlic,

and fresh oregano with freshly grated Parmesan Reggiano      29.50

   Cappleli d’angelo Con Scampi

Hair of the angel pasta tossed with fresh tomatoes, garlic, extra virgin oil olive and sautéed jumbo shrimp    30.50

Stroganoff Con Papardelle

Thin slices of quickly sautéed tenderloin tossed with hand-cut wide fettuccine in a sauce of

mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, Cabernet Sauvignon and a dash of sour cream   32.50

Spaghetti Bolognese

Homemade delicate spaghetti in an authentic sauce of ground veal

brunoise vegetables, a hint of tomato, with a splash of cream, perfumed with bay leaf    29.50

Scallops and Sweet Corn Risotto

Crisply sautéed sea scallops nestled atop creamy Italian short grain rice

with fresh sweet corn, baby tomatoes and chanterelle mushrooms  34.50

             Cappelli D’angelo Con Scampi       V

Hair of the angles pasta with an array of seasonal forest mushrooms, fresh baby spinach, Heirloom tomatoes,

perfumed with truffled butter     27.50



Rack of Lamb

Rack of Colorado lamb, in a Dijon herb crust, roasted and presented on a fresh Rosemary scented demi glace    49.50

Prime New York Steak

Grilled prime beef, presented with a fresh Tarragon hollandaise     48.50

Petite Filet 

The most tender center cut, grilled, drizzled with a Cabernet demi glace with crisply fried onions      39.50

Grilled Swordfish

Sparkling fresh center cut swordfish, grilled, accompanied with a black bean and tomato lime salsa        33.50

          Salmon in Parchment      *

Filet of organic Scottish salmon wrapped in parchment paper with julienne vegetables,

crème fraiche and aromatic fresh herbs, served tableside      32.50

Chicken Champignon

 Pan roasted organic boneless chicken breast, sliced with a truffled mushroom essence     30.50

 Double Cut Pork chop

Grilled rib chop of pork stuffed with apples, sausage, and Chef Jorge’s dates, presented with a port wine demi glace  33.50

Liver Veneziana

Thinly sliced, sautéed veal liver with pancetta, caramelized shallots and a splash of sherry wine vinegar    29.50 

                          Grilled Organic Vegetable Plate              *V

shaved brussel sprouts, silvered radishes, Percorino Romano cheese, toasted pumpkin seeds,

and Chef Jorge’ silvered dates with a Dijon     15.50



Hawaiian Cheesecake 

Luscious fresh pineapple cheesecake in a Macadamia nut crust with a dusting of coconut 

As featured in Gourmet Magazine 

        Raspberry Crème Brulee       *

Fresh raspberries studded in a rich custard with a caramelized sugar crust

Apple Dumpling

A tart cored apple filled with cinnamon and pecans, encased in a puff pastry, baked,

drizzled with a luscious caramel sauce, served with vanilla ice cream 

Double Chocolate Layer Cake

Moist dark chocolate cake layered with Belgian semi-sweet chocolate mousse and raspberries

glazed with bittersweet chocolate, placed in a pool of fresh raspberry coulis

Decadent Date

A steamed pudding made from Chef Jorge’s locally grown Medjool dates warmed with

a whisky-laced butterscotch sauce, with vanilla ice cream

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble

A recipe from June’s native Scotland comprised of toasted oats and brown sugar

fresh strawberries and rhubarb, and vanilla ice cream

Chocolate Brioche Pudding

Warmed and glazed with a bittersweet chocolate sauce drizzled with Grand Marnier

Ice Cream, Sorbet & Gelato 

A variety of flavors  served in a crisp, sweet handmade tulip shell made with pecans and almonds 

All Desserts    12.00

Eclectic Cuisine 

Executive Chef Jay Trubee · Chef De Cuisine Jorge Barajas  



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* Gluten Free        V Vegetarian